Masood Sadri


Freelance Front-end Developer - 2015


First at all I have to thank you for visiting my personal website. I’ll try to share my experiences and resume in here.

You can see my skills on this link, but main of them are Web Development and Web Application Security (specify Wordpress systems).

For dear Envato users and customers, this is my support forum. You can register with your purchase code, I’ll try respond requests as soon as possible, maximum 24 – 48 hours on weekdays, depending on the number of requests in queue. This is my portfolio on Themeforest.

I am ‎Chief Security Officer (CSO) on Rima Host and I’m available for freelance jobs like converting PSD files to HTML/CSS and Front-end/Wordpress development. If you have any other question, please feel free to contact me. Here is my contact details.

Sadri.Masood is my email address on Gmail. Also my contact form is a simple way to send messeges directly to me :)


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